MCTM 2019 – Examples and Non-Examples

In the past we developed a lesson for the introduction of quadratic functions using a set of examples and non-examples of quadratics. After sharing that lesson we received many requests for additional examples/non-examples lessons as a way to kick off key mathematical concepts. Thus, at the 2019 Missouri Council of Teachers of Mathematics conference we shared two additional sets of examples and non-examples:

Examples and Non-Examples of Prisms
Examples and Non-Examples of Trinomials

We also described our process for creating these sets of examples and non-examples. It’s actually quite fun and can lead to good conversations and conceptual understanding of any important mathematical object. SEE PRESENTATION SLIDES

Sam shares the plan for the Examples/Non-Examples session in Columbia, MO.

At MCTM 2019, the TMTG team also presented on problem reversals.

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