What is the Two-Minute Teacher’s Guide?

Video Transcript

What is the Two-Minute Teacher’s Guide

The Two-Minute Teacher’s Guide is a free resource that connects teachers to the best ideas from education research, but it’s through a format that can actually fit into your daily planning process.

Two Minutes

As a teacher, time is one of your most valuable–and scarce–resources. We recognize that you don’t usually have time to sift through all the books and articles and webinars and everything else that is out there to try to help you plan your lessons. The reality is you don’t have 40 minutes to prep each lesson, you probably have about 7. Am I right? Out of those 7 minutes, we invite you to use about 2 minutes to watch a video from the Two-Minute Teacher’s Guide.

Key Ideas

These videos give you a couple key ideas to keep in mind or to try out in your lesson–some solid recommendations based on research and our own experiences that we think will go a long way in your classroom.

So we invite you to give these videos a try. We are starting with Algebra 1, but we’ll be adding more videos all the time.

You can also find additional resources on our blog at twominuteteachersguide.com.

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